'Love Up The Ante's ethos.'


'I am very excited for Up The Ante's future.'

 - Audience & workshop feedback


The Company   


We are a contemporary performance collective from South West England. Compelled to do things differently, we make playful and refreshing work using collaborative approaches.

We offer workshops, open rehearsals, and are always looking to meet new collaborators. If you'd like to work with us, get in touch.


  How we work  

We make work as a group, with everyone contributing creative ideas. We test ideas and discuss the outcomes. We play, we sweat, we laugh, and we constantly challenge ourselves. If anyone has a skill they try to teach the others. Our company is guided by those who are in it at any one time. This may seem like an idyllic paradise but it is rather hard work!


Read more about our process on our blog or see our team and collaborators.




'I loved your attitude towards sharing, exchange and connecting.'

'A very open and welcoming atmosphere. '

'I came out feeling creatively refreshed. It was brilliant!'                                                    

-Workshop feedback

We are not currently booking for any workshops. Please check back here regularly or join our facebook group.



As an emerging company, our work so far has been focused on learning who we are and what we can do, as well as finding out who we can attract to make the kinds of crazy stuff that we're into! So far we've played with our audience in street theatre, used lots of phycal theatre, composed music, and explored crossing the celluloid divide using three projectors and clever green screen.


Read more into our projects below.




'Very atmospheric.'


'Amazing acting & very funny.'

'Beautiful application of physical theatre!'

'Loved the use of projection.'

'I am speechless to be honest... - Loved it!'


- Audience feedback

Intersect is an innovative piece that merges stage and screen. This piece was created in collaboration with street theatre company Irrational Behaviour. Aimed at a technical generation, inspired by the mind and philosophical nature of children. This piece takes the audience on a journey of discovery, exploring alternate realities as one world permeates the other. Featuring music by Lucy Hannam, animation by Dan Budd, writing by Kirsty Asher, film by Carl Wafker & Michael Brumby. Directed by Kara Wheatley, Produced by Jo Byron.



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