Arnolfini 2018

"Amazing acting & very funny."


"Stunning animation!!"




"Beautiful application of physical theatre to tell the story!"


"I am speechless to be honest... LOVED IT!"

-Audience feedback


Intersect is an innovative collaboration between Up The Ante and street theatre company Irrational Behaviour. It uses multi media, physical theatre and original music to ultimately merge stage and screen. Aimed at a technical generation, inspired by the mind and philosophical nature of children. You will be taken on a journey of discovery, exploring alternate existences and realities as one world permeates the other.


Directed by Kara Wheatley.


Auguste and The Moon

Fyfe Hall, Trinity Centre 2016



"It was immense!"


"Intriguing, captivating and very emotional."


-Audience feedback

An adaptation of Henry Miller's The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder. The Smile at the Foot of the Ladder, according to Miller, is his only composition to draw inspiration "from the blue". The complex story follows the journey of Auguste, the famous clown who finds nothing easier than to make his audience laugh, but suffers dissatisfaction night after night. Through his performance, instead he seeks more, stopping at nothing less than attempting to bestow a lasting joy to his audience. It intricately explores the nature of work, the essence of happiness, and the longing to shake free of everyday life and to find something more.


This short story has been adapted by Up The Ante, who have developed the piece attentively using their explorative approach. Auguste and The Moon is a contemporary piece that melds physical theatre, improvisation and clowning with media and composition.


Directed by Eduardo João Gama.


Auguste Is Coming

Bristol Broadmead and St Nicks Market 2016

"Oh no, Clowns!"

"Fair play!"


"You're going to need a bigger mop!"


- Audience feedback

Collaborative street theatre pieces with Irrational Behaviour. Clowns attempt to clean the streets of Broadmead and wreak havoc in St Nicholas' Market.

Directed by Eduardo João Gama and Kara Wheatley


That's Just Earl

Alma Tavern 2015


"Earl was bought to life so well, I wanted to take him home!"


"A thought-provoking and fascinating piece to watch."


"A thoroughly enjoyable evening!"

- Audience feedback

That's Just Earl is a devised show by collaborative group Up The Ante. The show received many positive reviews that described us as "thought-provoking," "fascinating," and "thoroughly enjoyable". The piece included the creation of our own puppet and set pieces, as well as musical composition and production. We have also begun running successful acting workshops, and we have had requests to run more. We have secured a venue for our next piece, and obtained permissions from the publishers to adapt the work.


Featuring music by Up The Ante, produced by Eduardo João Gama.


Directed by Stephanie Crothers.